The IAOMS Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality and safety of healthcare worldwide by advancing patient care, education and research. Since its founding in 1996, the IAOMS Foundation has advanced standards of care through education and training. The Foundation continues to expand its portfolio of programs with the on-going support from our corporate, foundation and regional partners along with support from our members.

A Story 25 Years in the Making

IAOMS Foundation programs play a vital role in shaping future surgeon leaders within the oral and maxillofacial surgical specialty. Initiatives such as the Fellowship Program have a tremendous effect on each recipient’s life and career. The impact of the experience and the knowledge they acquire extends to colleagues with whom they practice and the patients they serve. For this reason, the IAOMS Foundation has been committed to providing hands-on training opportunities for nearly 25 years and it is why we are dedicated to expanding the reach of these influential programs.

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