IAOMS Microlearning Series

IAOMS Microlearning Series

About the Series: The IAOMS Microlearning Series is designed to provide quick education at your convenience. This series has been developed for hardworking and fast moving surgeons with busy schedules. The IAOMS Microlearning Series will consist of brief topics and videos available for the OMFS community to access at home or on the go through the IAOMS e-learning portal.



July 2020

Title: "Tips and Tricks in Orthognathic Surgery" presented by Dr. Gabriele Millesi

About the Program: A practice manual on the tips and tricks in Orthognathic Surgery, these three brief videos highlight everything you need to know when performing a sagittal split osteotomy from a surgical technique point of view! Like a manual, each step is documented with clinical pictures. Neuralgic points, where you have to be aware of risks and complications, are highlighted in a simple way! 

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The IAOMS Microlearning Series is seeking educational partners, speakers and sponsors within the OMFS industry for future recorded content. If you are interested in partnering with IAOMS, please contact info@iaoms.org