Webinar: Individual Patient-specific Solutions for Secondary Orbital Reconstruction

IPS® WEBucation Series:  IndIndividual Patient-specific Solutions for Secondary Orbital Reconstruction

Featuring Prof. Dr. Dr. Nils-Claudius Gellrich from Hannover Medical School

June 25, 2020

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Secondary orbital reconstruction might be indicated in congenital or acquired deformities involving the orbit and periorbital structures developing after trauma, ablation or inflammation with either no previous or partially or completely failed previous surgical repair. Secondary orbital reconstruction is one of the most challenging and fascinating fields in reconstructive CMF surgery and has tremendously changed over the last 30 years in terms of analysis, planning, biomaterial selection for reconstruction, surgical techniques including approaches and quality control via computer assistance and digital technologies. Today all advances in modern medical treatment are summarized and represented in secondary orbital reconstruction. Reconstructive orbital surgery thus became the medical field spearheading all reconstructive surgical specialties in terms of use of DICOM data, computer assistance, change towards individual patient-specific solutions and establishing digital workflows for adequate quality control during all phases of treatment, i.e. pre-, intra- and postoperative. There is hardly any field in medicine that profited so much from technological innovations and modern biomedical manufacturing, where today patient-specific implants play a key role in the treatment of secondary orbital reconstruction. Within this webinar different views on secondary orbital reconstruction will be given including the interaction with the periorbital tissues and outer frame. Attention will be given to analyze and understand how to approach a case of secondary orbital correction and what are the key elements of treatment to achieve a good outcome.