Bruges 3D Virtual Planning Orthognathic Surgery Couse- IPS Lobster Course

August 4 - 7, 2019
Bruges, Belgium 

Course Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Gwen R.J. Swennen

Course Venue:
AZ Sint-Jan
Ruddershove 10, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Division of Maxillo-Facial Surgery (2nd floor)
Mond-, Kaak- en Aangezichtschirurgie

Course Secretary:
Lindsay Bultinck
Tel. : +32 50 453018
Mobile: +32 474824119

Limited attendance (8 participants) (first come, first served basis)
EACMFS or IAOMS trainee-members only

Cost: €1450


Sunday, 04.08.19:
Individual “Hands-on PC” – Part I
3D Virtual Planning with IPS CaseDesigner

Monday, 05.08.19:
“Live-Surgery – Part I ” of the cases
planned on Sunday, August 4th with IPS splints

Tuesday, 06.08.19:
Individual “Hands-on PC” – Part II
3D Virtual Planning with IPS CaseDesigner –
IPS Gate - PSI’s

Wednesday, 07.08.19:
“Live-Surgery – Part II” of the cases
planned on Tuesday, August 6th with IPS splints or PSI’s

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For questions or to register, contact:  Lindsay Bultinck