Why Support the Campaign?

Why Support the Campaign?

By financially supporting the Global Impact Campaign, you are not only ensuring the future of the IAOMS Foundation and its programs, but we are also providing stability to the OMFS specialty worldwide.

The decision to launch this effort was not arbitrary. We were guided by a comprehensive study conducted by the Foundation in late 2018. This research collected insights from nearly 200 IAOMS members, industry stakeholders, and other visionary leaders. During the process, participants repeatedly cited two major challenges facing the specialty:

  1. Educational and training resources in many parts of the world are not sufficient to meet the needs of developing surgeons.
  2. There are limited opportunities for engagement among the global OMFS community.

There was overwhelming support to take action immediately and the IAOMS Foundation was identified as being uniquely positioned to lead the way. Without financial support from IAOMS members, foundations, regional affiliates, and industry stakeholders, our ability to address the greatest needs of the specialty would be limited.

Making a pledge to the Global Impact Campaign ensures that the Foundation will have the resources necessary to sustain its flagship programs over the next 5 years, while exploring new opportunities not previously possible.

For more information please contact Campaign Director, Tyler Eble at foundation@iaoms.org.