Stay Connected Series

IAOMS Stay Connected Series: Cases and Conversations 

This limited series has concluded.  Recorded/Archived versions of the program are available on-demand.

About the Series: Stay connected with IAOMS and leading OMF surgeons from around the globe by joining our limited series of brief lectures and open conversation.

Every Monday from May 4, 2020 through June 8, 2020, special guests presented a brief lecture or case study followed by group conversation and Q&A. This limited series was designed for surgeons – by surgeons – to stay connected during the uncertain times surrounding COVID-19 and to provide continued learning as a community. 

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Program Overview: 

Monday May 4, 2020:

Title: "Nasal Control With The Lefort I Maxilllary Osteotomy"

Presented By: Dr. Johan Reyneke

Title: "Which Jaw Should Be Operated First: Maxilla vs Mandible"

Presented By: Dr. William Arnett

Moderators: Dr. Alejandro Martinez & Dr. Gabriele Millesi


Monday, May 11,2020*:

Title: Maxillary Posterior Implants Reconstruction. How do I work it? Why? When?

Presenter 1: Dr. Javier Gonzalez Lagunas: Extra Short Implants

Presenter 2: Dr. Santiago Llorente:  Sinus lifting

Presenter 3: Dr. Jorge Caubet: Zygomatic implants

Moderators: Dr. Alejandro Roisentull, Dr. Alejandro Martinez.

*Please note an archived version of the session is not available.


Monday, May 18, 2020:

Title: Pathology: Neck Dissection: Selective vs Sentinel Node for N0 Oral Cavity Cancer

Presenter 1: Martin Batsone ( Australia) Selective Neck

Presenter 2: Cyrus Kerawala (UK) Sentinel Node. (alternative Abraham Kuriakose, India)

Moderator: Julio Acero, Sat Parmar


Monday, May 25, 2020:

Title: Reconstruction: My Most Difficult Case: How I Resolved it and Lessons learned

Presenter 1: Chen-ping Zhang  (China).

Presenter 2: Max Heiland (Germany)

Moderator: Rui Fernandes & Sat Parmar


Monday June 1, 2020: 

Topic: Clefts

Presented by: Dr. María Luisa López Salgado (México)

Presented by: Dr. Kitta Bonanthaya (India)

Moderated by: Dr. Rodolfo Asensio (Guatemala) & Dr. Barry Steinberg (USA)


Monday June 8, 2020:

Topic: TMJ: Arthocentesis vs Arthroscopy. Base evidence. Why does it work? Tips and Tricks

Presented by: Dr. Dorrit Nitzan (Israel)

Presented by: Dr. Rafael Martin Granizo (Spain)

Moderated by: Dr. Frank Dolwick (USA) & Dr. Alejandro Martinez (Mexico)