Poster Submission

All posters for the IAOMS/ALACIBU NextGen Online Conference must be submitted via conference regisration here. Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your submission is accepted. All poster submitters must be IAOMS and ALACIBU members.

To download poster submission guidelines in English, click here

To download poster submission guidelines in Spanish, click here.

Electronic Poster Submission Guidelines

1. Instructions for Submitting E-Posters

All posters accepted for the IAOMS/ALACIBU NextGen Online Conference will be displayed in digital format on the IAOMS website.  All E-Posters are subject to review by the Review Committee.  The Committee reserves the right not to display E-Posters.

Deadline for E-Poster Submission:  January 6, 2021

All poster submitters must be IAOMS and ALACIBU members.

All poster submitters must be registered for the conference and posters must be uploaded through the conference registration portal here


2. Designing your E-Poster

2.1 General Setup

  • All posters must be submitted in portrait style orientation (i.e. “vertical orientation,” Fig. 1).
  • All information (i.e. text, data, photos, and static figures) must be designed to appear within ONE page only.






  • E-Poster File Format: Single-page PDF file/ JPG file (file size must be under 30 MB)
  • Fonts and Sizes:
    • 8-point font is recommended as the minimum font size
    • Avoid large blocks of detailed text (no more than 800 words of text in your poster)
    • Embed the font version when saving your file (Tools>Save Options>Fonts in File>Embed All Characters)

2.2 Essential Information to Include on E-Poster (see Appendix)

  • Title
  • Name(s), affiliation(s), and country of author(s)
  • Content (Introduction; Objective; Result; Conclusion)
  • Declaration of conflict of interest for author(s)

2.3  Items Prohibited on E-Poster

  • DO NOT include the official logos of IAOMS, ALACIBU or NextGen on your E-Poster
  • DO NOT include an industry logo on your E-poster (i.e. commercial company logo)
  • Drugs, devices, products, and services should be identified by generic name only
  • NO video or animation to be included into E-Posters
  • All E-posters must avoid commercialism

3. Submitting your E-Poster (PDF or JPG format only)

Step 1: Navigate to the IAOMS/ALACIBU NextGen Online Conference registration portal here.  

Step 2: Enter your username and password.  If you do not have an account you may create one here. (for password consistence contact Kimberly Shadle).  All poster submitters must be IAOMS and ALACIBU members.

Step 3: Complete the registration form and upload your poster (pdf or jpg format only)

Step 4:  If you experience difficulty please contact Kimberly Shadle


4. Poster Recognition

The top five poster submissions will be recognized by the Review Committee and their authors will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition.The Review Committee reserves the right to make the final determination on which posters will be recognized.